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Industrias FH is one of the companies registered as a manufacturer of head caps before INVIMA, with registration number 5241.

To fabricate:

  • mask bottle caps 3 fabrics (disposable)

  • mask Spacer (reusable)

  • mask with visor

  • Caps with visor

Gel Antibacterial


The Hand Sanitizer provides a high disinfectant power and at the same time cares for and softens the skin.​

Get your chewing gum-scented Hand Sanitizer in the following presentations:​

  • bracelet with gel

  • Doser bracelet with gel

  • bag of 100 ML

  • bag of 250 ML

  • bag of 500 ML

  • bag of 1000 ML

  • bag of  4000 ML

belleza en frío

Cold beauty

We manufacture products based on the benefits that cold produces in the human body. Cryotherapy and thermotherapy are scientifically recommended for medicinal use and recovery in medicinal treatments.

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"If you have discipline you will see the results" is the key to using our products.



We make supplies for impressive garments.


We deliver quality and elegant garments: corseteros supplies, cups, highlighting pads, braces of framilón or avalon with designs at the forefront of the latest international fairs.


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We give life to any advertising idea, for this we have a solid design team in the management of large portfolios that allows us speed to think and do.


We stamp your dreams with the magic of sublimation!


Customize your garments with the highest print quality

Industrias FH  bases your business philosophy on two words: Think and Do. In this way, we generate a corporate dynamic that projects us solidly into the future.

tela no tejida


Our developments have a wide variety of applications, colors, prints and sublimates, very useful in advertising projection, providing you with a tool that will give your company a differential and solid value in the market. This difference allows you to sell more, charge more and consolidate the position of your brand.


The incentives that we can provide you in TNT give a new prominence to your marketing policy, to have satisfied and grateful clients.

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